I must say that I have learned a lot about Gender and Technology of the past 10 weeks. Here is a list of some of the things I have learned:

  • How to use embeded links
  • How to use screenshots
  • How to work and manage a blog
  • I had the opportunity to learn about Dawn Wright and her work as an oceanographer through our cultural site project
  • I learned how to upload movies onto YouTube
  • Women are often excluded from technology
  • I learned about the Feminine pedagogy 
  • Social Construction and how it shapes gender 
  • Designing my own blog page

Teaching Project

Ideas of my teaching project

  • Teaching parents how to text message
  • How to create a myspace page
  • How to set-up and use an online shopping account
  • Downloading music to a mp3 player

Declaring a topic

For this project I decided to teach a module of how to use a downloading sources such as Itunes to import songs onto an mp3 player such as an ipod. I am a music junkie, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to teach a module of something that I am very familiar with.

For this project I plan on using my computer, Itunes music library and store, and my Ipod to demonstrate how to download and update songs.

After finishing my financial analysis I have to say that there are some parts of the projected I liked more than others. I enjoyed learning how to make screenshots, I had never done this before, I think it may be a tool that I can use in the future. Working with Excel was kind of fun, I don’t really see myself using it very much in the future though. 

I didn’t really care for researching about others who experienced Rome, I found it hard to find articles that talked about people and their budgets while vacationing in Rome. 

Ideas of my teaching project

  • Teaching parents how to text message
  • How to create a myspace page
  • How to set-up and use an online shopping account

My Biggest Dreams. . .

Some of my biggest dreams include:

  • Open up my own restaurant 
  • Visting Rome, Italy
  • Summit Mt. Rainer
  • Studying Abroad 
  • Vacation on a Cruise boat to Mexico
  • Travel to and hike the Grand Canyon
  • Start my own recording music recording company

The dream that I wish to focus on is going to Rome, Italy.

Finishing up my cultural site

I had a great time finishing up my cultural site project. There were a few areas that I struggled with, embeding links was not fun at first, but then I got the hang of it and it went pretty smooth from there. My favorite part of this project was creating and choosing the layout/theme. 

I haven’t really looked ahead at the Financial analysis project, but just throwing some ideas out there, if I could choose any job I’d want to be an archetitect, engineer, or a heart surgeon. I would want to make lots of money! 🙂

Week 5

Ok so this week was completely frustrating for me. I finished writing my paper, but still have to get it edited by online services. I broke up the sections of my paper into parent pages as the directions stated, but the sections aren’t showing up on my blog page. Also, I am completely lost with what I am suppose to do for the embedding of the links to incline citation and the bibliography references. Do we create a bibliography on our own or are the links and information that we got during week 4 our bibliography? I have all my information cited in my paper and the information from all the websites, but I’m not sure how to embed the links to incline citations. Hopefully, I can get some sort of direction as to how to do this?

Contact With Jane

I unfortunately didn’t have time during the week to speak with Jane about my cultural site project, but I sent her an email asking for help finding information and now I am waiting for a reply. I think Jane will definitely be a useful tool once I hear back from her. 

I did do some research on my own from the OSU WS Library page and found some useful links that will help me in writing my paper. Dawn Wright and her work is awesome! I’m really enjoying looking up information on her. 

I hope that Jane will help me locate some more information on Wright’s personal accomplishments. I’ve got a broad idea of the work that she has done, but I would like to know more of the specifics.